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     Hunan hunan grain seed industry co., LTD. Is a collection of scientific research、Production、In the integration of science and technology enterprises,The registered capital3005Ten thousand yuan,The company address is located in the chang DE city wuling district of chaoyang road358Number,The company covers an area of13000Square meters(20m),Own high standard warehouse seeds5000Square meters,The company has a complete set of seed processing production line2The article,It happened150Tons of large seeds drying drying line1The article,Other seed testing instruments and processing equipment。

      The company in line with the flat、The principle of high efficiency to create a better educated、Specialization、High efficient management team,The existing staff30People,The sound system。

     The company is“China's seed industry industryAGrade credit enterprise”、“Chang DE city of agricultural industrialization leading enterprises”、 2013Years《Often oil series cultivar selection and extension》Won the second prize of scientific and technological achievements in hunan province。

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