Changsha double states paint chemical plant

Changsha double states paint chemical plant

The main products:Anti-corrosion paint、High temperature paint、Fluorocarbon lacquer、Special coatings

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    Mr Zhu
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    The general manager
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    In hunan province Changsha Ningxiang city Ningxiang Jade lake industrial park
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  • SupplyH04-16 Resistance to acid and alkali heavy-duty coating
  • Supply of hengyang silicone heat resistant primer(W61-48)
  • Supply acrylic oily exterior wall paint of hunan
  • SupplyH53-88Epoxy zinc rich primer Price of epoxy zinc-rich primer Epoxy zinc rich primer manufacturers
  • SupplyOMThe chimney high-temperature anti-corrosive paint manufacturers
  • Supply of high-grade acrylic wear-resisting flooring paint suppliers
  • Metal fluor-carbon painting supplies steel structure manufacturers
  • SupplyW61-48Organic silicon high-temperature paint(200℃-800℃) W61-48Direct selling silicone heat-resistant QiChang home
  • Direct supply vinyl glass flake anticorrosive QiChang home
  • OMFlue temperature and alkali QiChang direct selling、OMThe flue cement price resistance to high temperature corrosion、OMFlue anti-corrosive paint price
  • Supply aliphatic polyurethane anti-corrosion paint manufacturers
  • Supply epoxy zinc rich primer(The content of zinc powder50%-90%)The manufacturer
  • Silvery white metal fluor-carbon painting manufacturers supply
  • The chimney desulfurization is specialMCThe anticorrosive coatings、Desulfurizing chimney anti-corrosion paint、High temperature desulfurizing chimney paint
  • Supply epoxy micaceous iron oxide intermediate paint Epoxy micaceous iron oxide intermediate paint Epoxy intermediate paint
  • Epoxy zinc rich primer Special industrial paint manufacturers direct marketing
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Changsha double states paint chemical plant

Double continent coating chemical factory, founded in changsha, hunan2001Years。12Years of development,The company's customers all over the country。Our company introduced complete set of foreign advanced equipment and advanced production technology,First-class testing instrument,Production of anti-corrosion、High-temperature paint and other special functional coatings products。Production、The development of all kinds of advanced special coatings。Widely used in steel structure、Transportation vehicles、Engineering machinery、Bridges、Workshop、Metallurgy、Chemical equipment、Coal-fired power plants such as anticorrosive coating。Companies adhere to“In quality、In the real、In the letter、People in honest”The management idea,The pursuit of common progress with you。The main products:Special coatings and industrial heavy-duty series varieties:Amino、The nitro、Acrylic acid、Acrylic polyurethane、Fluorocarbon、Epoxy、Vinyl、Chlorosulfonated polyethylene、High chlorinated polyethylene、Chlorinated rubber、Coal tar、Organic silicon high-temperature resistance、Polyester、Polyurethane (pu)、Reflective series, etc。Our company tenet“In order to

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A mobile phone:15200836788

Address:In hunan province Changsha Ningxiang city Ningxiang Jade lake industrial park A mobile phone:15200836788

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