Nanyang micro motor co., LTDLocated in the city of henan province nanyang zhongjing north road,The transportation is convenient,The geographical environment is exquisite。The company covers an area of17000Square meters,Fixed assets3000Ten thousand yuan。Company technical force is abundant,Has a full set of production equipment,Strict technical process、Process discipline、Perfect the test system,All kinds of sophisticated processing equipment and testing equipment。Company existing staff180More than one,Professional and technical personnel60More than one。The company has a perfect product quality guarantee system,Has passedISO9001Quality system certification,The flame-proof certification of all kinds of products、The production license、Such papers as coal security certificate is complete,Products are mainly used in oil、Coal、Chemical industry、Steel and other industries,The products sell well all over the country,Well received by the masses of users。
    Our main products are:YB2Series flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor;YBOZ(BYT1)Series brake with flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor;YT1Brake using conventional type motor;YWZ2、YWZ9Series electric hydraulic block brake;BedSeries flameproof electric hydraulic driver;EdSeries power hydraulic drive device。In recent years,I companies rely on scientific and technological progress,Adjust the product structure,According to the requirements of different customers,Continues the development of various special specifications according to user's requirements motor and non-standard products,For the majority of users has brought considerable economic benefits,Lay a good foundation for the development of the company,Also made outstanding contribution to the industry。
    Our company adheres to“The development of science and technology market,Strengthen the quality of casting brand,Strict management efficiency,Good faith for this reputation all over the world”For the policy,Carry on“The good faith、Unity、Professional dedication、Innovation”The spirit of enterprise,Wholeheartedly for the majority of customers with high-quality productionProducts and satisfactory service
    Nanyang micro motor co., LTD. Wish to cooperate with you,Create a feat!



What is the working principle of the motor

The motor(Commonly known as“The motor”)Refers to according to the law of electromagnetic induction electrical power conversion or transfer of an electromagnetic device。In a circuit with a letterMSaid。Its main function is to produce driving torque,As with electrical or all kinds of mechanical power。The generator in circuit by lettersGSaid。Its main function is to use electrical energy into mechanical energy。


The motor industry is developing rapidly

Nearly10Over the years,With the power electronic technology、Computer technology、The rapid development of the automatic control technology,Electric drive technology is facing a historical revolution,The ac speed regulating to replace dc speed control and computer digital control technology to replace analog control technology has become a development trend。Ac motor variable frequency speed regulation technology is the power saving、Improve process to improve product quality and improve the environment、A primary means of promoting technological progress。This provides a huge market and development space for the generator。


The application of motor as the development of The Times

With the development of The Times,The application of dc motor,Many occasions with original ac motor are replaced by a dc motor。Especially after a brushless motor,Dc motor production quantity in constant rise。China's annual production of all kinds of dc motor billions or more,Manufacturer of dc motor。

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