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Luoyang is real estate group co., LTD., established in2010Years,Is a real estate development、Management for business and in property management of modern enterprise group,The registered capital1.495One hundred million yuan,Sets the property、Originality property、Quiet property three subsidiaries,Has the vigor、Positive enterprising、No historical baggage, etc。 The company in line with high degree of social responsibility,Grasps“To build a project,The tree a monument,Develop a market,Building is the company brand”Business enterprise aim,Is the base for the development of more robust group、To continue、Rational,Step now…....
To build a project,The tree a monument,Develop a market,Building is the company brand
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A bird's eye view rendering
Los city government-Commercial effect
Los city government-Multilayer facade rendering
Los city government-The main entrance to the rendering
Los city government-27FSenior south facade rendering
Los city government-Kindergarten rendering

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