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Hot keywords:Ecological residential building  Modern steel structure building  Steel structure design  Prefabricated construction company



The heating energy consumption


Improve the room rate

Stronger for green building

To improve the energy structure Reduce the density of carbon


Save foundation cost


Shorten the time limit for a project


Building materials regeneration rate

Scenic area of engineering

Reduce dust to promote green construction work site,Reduce the smog

Prefabricated buildings

On the basis of the modern steel structure of the new modular low-carbon green building

Municipal construction

Strictly control the accuracy of all components to ensure the overall structural durability and seismic performance

Custom villa

The height of the architectural form and structure performance,Meet the personalized needs

Low carbon green building classic case

Constant strong construction of the accumulative total amount is about102Wan㎡

Ecological environmental protection

10Years of accumulation Remarkable achievement


20The remainder term

The national industry standard

130The remainder term

The national patent


Provincial construction methods

      Fuzhou city stronger for green building technology co., LTD, is a focus on prefabricated steel structure building、Focus on entity manufacturing of prefabricated light steel house construction companies。The company was founded in2011Years,Is earlier engaged in the industrialization of the green house production enterprises in jiangxi province。2017Year was named the national high-tech enterprises。 
      Company to prefabricated construction one-stop service center of whole industry chain material supply。The products are:Prefabricated partition panel、PrefabricationPCArtifacts、Steel bar truss floor board、All kinds of floor board、CSteel、 Various models color tile、Metal decorative sheet、Fiber cement board、Fire prevention board、Energy-saving insulation board、Exterior wall decorative board、Various types of integrated wallboard。Strive to make every customer to buy more simple。Steel structure products、Light steel housing、Environmental protection is widely used in home of the scenic spot、 The new rural construction、Used in many engineering fields such as characteristic town。        
      Based on the prefabricated steel structure building stronger, Continuously improve its value ,Eager to through continuous efforts, Be trustworthy 、Competitive try assembling steel structure building and related products suppliers and prefabricated steel structure residential whole service providers。


Design strength

Constant strong personalization of green building with steel structure design ability of the team,After more than ten years of accumulation、The precipitation,Design team has fully with various professional design of steel structural specifications,And undertake the domestic projects,And a tremendous achievement。

Strong constant of green construction project team to participate in the experimental design specification、Data collection,At the same time to participate in research and development of scientific research units of domestic steel structure project of the test and papers,To support the application of steel structure design in domestic bring more technical basis。


Production ability

Stronger for the concept of green building with the building blocks to build a house,Take the lead in execution workshop prefabrication production,Rapid assembling on site。

Now businesses invest money one hundred million yuan,Have been completed2Square and standardized production workshop6000Thousand square modern office building。Introduced the domestic and foreign prefabricated steel structure construction equipment production line together9The article。


Research and development ability

Constant strong independent research and development team,Focus on research and development of energy conservation and environmental protection architecture,Independent research and development“Constant strength of prefabricated building”By the state construction committee rated as hi-tech products,And hired industry experts-Japan's senior engineer for technical guidance。

Constant strong r&d center became a national modern steel structure engineering technology center、Nanchang university practice teaching bases、Modern construction industry demonstration base in jiangxi province such as the highest honor。


Construction ability

The team has a professional construction experience for many years is strong one of the important symbol of competitiveness。Mastering many skills while specializing in each construction personnel have,In the master of a professional technology at the same time,Also master the relevant aspects of professional and technical,Is stronger for“Special forces”,Ensure the project ground effect。

Prefabricated components factory,Volume is bigger,It is their timely dredging material transport channel in the process of the construction,Ensure the timely delivery of each project。