Company profile
Company profile

Nanchang HaoYang procter & gamble co., LTD. Was set up2008Years,Duly registered by industrial and commercial bureau,Is has the qualifications of independent legal is also the professional cleaning company。The company based on high-tech environmental protection technology,In a whole new concept for customers from all walks of life to improve professional cleaning service。

The company adhere to high position、High quality、High efficiency three high service standards。In the daily management work in our company,Give full play to excavate internal potential,Cultivate a group of professional management personnel、Rich experience、Management ability、The work is earnest、Precise style、The thought is agile、Work hard、Conscientiously、The spirit of meticulous。In the management work, Be careful、In strict accordance with the company of various management rules and regulations to carry out the work,Company specializing in the management standard,Formulate corresponding management measures and examination system。Our company is divided into market development、Clean management department、The administrative department、The personnel training department、The engineering department five departments。Which consists of engineering department:A set of professional cleaning、Stone refurbished group、External wall cleaning group、Virescence maintenance group、Disinfection insecticidal control group、Mobile group six special groups。The company existing staff of the department200More than one,Have a professional construction team and the cleaning team。All company personnel have been strict professional training and the construction technology of professional evaluation,At the same time the company in order to ensure that employees technology also regularly required to participate in professional skills training。

  Specializes in project:

Household cleaning、Forest cleaning、Property designated cleaning, etc all kinds of cleaning project;

The carpet、The ground、The sofa、The curtains、Lampblack machine、air conditione、Crystal lamp, all kinds of cleaning project;

All kinds of exterior wall、Billboard、Coating paint、High altitude installation、Remove all kinds of air cleaning project, etc;

Marble、Granite、Ceramic tile、Polished concrete renovation、Crystal processing、Lesions such as stone project;

Floor waxing、Ceramic tile seam、The indoor formaldehyde、Benzene governance、Disinfection kill insect、Garden virescence maintenance projects, etc。

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